Web-Based Training (WBT): The Internet-Based Training Program

Web-based training (WBT) is the internet-based learning setup which is available on the local intranet as well. The technologies used in web-based training include webinars, live streaming of audio/video, forums, instant messaging etc. WBT has so many aliases like e-learning, distance learning, internet-based training (IBT). This training and learning technology is used by numerous organizations such as educational institutes, military services, law enforcement etc.

There are two primary modes of web-based training namely, synchronous training and asynchronous training. The synchronous training requires an instructor to process the training, whereas, asynchronous training is self-directed and self-paced. This is delivered through either static methods like portals, tutorials, hyperlinked pages and/or interactive methods such as chats, threaded discussions, video-conferencing

WBT was introduced in the 1960s but it came into practice in the early 1990s. With time, the advancements came and made this method popular.

The core vehicles of the modern web-based training are internet and multimedia. Education, consulting, technology, customer services, content management are some of the popular sectors that widely use WBT.

The list of benefits of WBT are:

  • Convenience: With a web-based training course, the participant can take the training as per their convenience of place and time, provided the internet access is required. With this learning method, individuals also have the facility to interact with their colleagues and other experts from different locations.
  • Learning while earning: This learning or training method allows learners to manage their course along with their full-time jobs.
  • Access to advance technologies: With this learning method, one gets exposure to various computer platforms, operating systems, and other technologies.
  • Affordable: WBT courses are extremely cheap as compared to the other traditional modes of learning. The training material can be accessed at any time and you can use it as per your schedule.
  • Standardized Training: With WBT, the quality of training remains constant for the students all over the world.
  • Learner-centered approach: This mode gives more responsibility to the learners and they feel great control over the whole process. A learner is needed to think, solve the problem, respond, and use their logic to tackle the course.

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